What Happens Following a Murder Car Accident or Other Type of Trauma Crime Scene Cleaning

The mess left after death, homicides, and automobile crashes is tough to handle. Businesses exist whose sole function is to take care of after these incidences.

The setting is recognizable for anyone who's viewed Law & Order in the last 20 years. A crime occurs. Someone calls the authorities. Detectives begin searching for clues. The police leave the scene. Have you ever wondered what happens after the police are gone? Crime shows never reveal the day-to-day operations of a bio and trauma clean up company.

Obviously, cleaning is too tedious for television so it's no surprise that it isn't a part of a thirty minute episode of television. But there's another reason why we aren't shown crime scene cleanup on TV: the cops aren't responsible for cleanup; the victim's family must clean the scene. The thought of family cleaning up after a loved one's suicide, car wreck, or murder is unseemly. That's where companies that do biohazard cleaning company california md come in.

The trauma cleaning industry formed out of necessity. A family shouldn't have to cleanup after the death of a loved one.

Here are some of the supplies a trauma cleanup company may use to clean up a crime scene:

  • Hospitable-grade disinfectants
  • No-touch cleaning equipment
  • Razor blades
  • Truck-mounted steam-injection machines
  • Enzyme solvents to kill bacteria and liquefy blood
  • And more

The job isn't pretty. There's only a few that can actually stomach the work. That's why it's best left off prime time.

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